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The Monument of Culture Great importance Петровац
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They are located by the right river bank of the Mlava River in the area of Gornjak gorge exit. Steep almost inaccessible cliffs of Gornjak gorge much alike a natural fort and represent a unique unit which  used to comprise a wider area of a medieval town Ždrelo. It consisted of a complex system, fortification (ramparts, partition walls, watch towers...), residential units, three monasterial complexes  and numerous cave hermitage churches, which are adjusted to the terrain configuration. Besides the former monasterial complexes Metropolitanate and Annunciation, a special unit is an active monastery Gornjak, 2km away to the east.  

In the foot of Mali Vukan there are the remains of Metropolitanate that consists of “Great Church” with monasterial residences and “Little Church” a hundred meters to the east. “Great Church” has a triconche base with semicircular choir apses and an altar apse in the east, completely demolished due to water torrents from the nearby spring and an additionally built polygonal narthex in the west. It dates back to the end of XIV century. ”Little Church” has a single – nave base with three – sided altar from the outside and semicircular from the inside in the east and an additionally added narthex in the west.  There are donors’ graves discovered in the nave and in the bottom wall zone there are preserved parts of fresco – paintings. It is assumed that it was dedicated to Holy Virgin Immaculate and that it was built in the 20s of XIV century.

In a rock shelter 1km east from Metropolitanate, in a cramped space divided with carrying cascaded walls into a few levels, there is a monastery Annunciation with a triconche church, with a landslide in the south part. Within the complex there are dining room, bakery, a ceramic furnace and in a cave east from the church there is a three – level hermitage church. The church is most probably built at the end of XIV and the beginning of XV century.

All three churches and their surrounding are researched archaeologically but there are many remaining unexplained parts of the Ždrelo town past as well as of its monasteries which have become one of the hesychastic centers in medieval Serbia.