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Significant place Exceptional importance Велика Плана
Radovanjski lug (1) 1385142739
Radovanjski lug (3) 1385142741 Radovanjski lug (4) 1385142744

Not far away from Velika Plana,  in a hundred year – old woods on the territory of Radovanje village there is a marked murder place and the original grave of Vožd Karadjordje. Upon his returning from Russia in 1817 Karadjordje and his scribe Naum Krnar headed for where they stayed overnight in a hut of Dragić Vojkić. Nikola Novaković and Vujica Vulićević were waiting for them there and killed them both upon request of Knez Miloš on 13th/25th July, 1817.  Duke Vujica Vulićević, an accomplice to the murder, built his own endowment – a log church Pokajnica – a sign of repentance, not far away from here, on the territory of Staro Selo.  In 1920, a cornerstone for church Zahvalnica was laid in the murder place of Vožd Karadjordje. The consecration of memorial church built according to the project of an architect Vasilij Androsov was performed ten years later.  The church base is triconche, and its leveling the masses was accented with a cupola on an octagonal dome ring and cubic stand.  The church façade was made of yellow brick façade.  A very valuable life – size portrait of Vožd Karadjordje was exhibited there; this is the work of a painter Paja Jovanović.

Karadjordje’s beheaded body and the body of Naum Krnar had been resting in Radovanjski grove for two years, and then were transferred to Topola in 1819. In the following 1820, Karadjordje’s head was transferred from the Cathedral church and laid next to his body. Today the body rests in a mausoleum of the Karadjordjević dynasty in Oplenac where it was moved in 1930 during the consecration of Saint George church, the endowment of King Petar I. The original location Karadjordje’s grave – underneath an old oak – was marked with a big wooden cross and wrought iron fence; during 2005; a plateau and a leading path with benches were constructed there.