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Archeological finding Uncategorized Голубац
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Bosman fort remains are located at the beginning of ”Gornja gorge” about 1,5 km away from Gospođin vir rock where plaques of kings Tiberius, Claudius and Domitian carved in rocks evidence the road break through the gorge. At this point the sailing on the Danube was the most dangerous as there were strong whirlpools and underwater rocks.  

Before the performed archaeological excavations it was assumed that this had been a Roman stop Ad Scrofulas, but the research from between 1968 and 1969 show that the fort was built in an early Byzantine period, in the time of Justinian’s great restorations (527-565).

It had a peculiar triangular base shape with circular towers on the corners and a gate in the east rampart. The northeast tower, closest to the Danube was washed away. The triangular base was imposed on the architects by the natural conditions, so they obeyed them to the fullest during the building period. The fort was destroyed at the very end of VI century and has not been restored again.

The entire locality is sunk due to PP Đerdap construction and increased water level.