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Archeological finding Uncategorized Мало Црниће
Rimsko utvrdjenje kaliste (1) 1387990741
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The Archeological Site (1982)

The Roman fort Kalište is located on a gently sloped area of Gradac, by the right river bank of the Vitovnica River, in the end south part of Stiška plain. It is noted in Tabula Peutengeriana as a Municipium stop on a Roman road connecting Singidunum (Belgrade) and Serdica (Sofia) and leading further towards Constantinople. According to the map, it is 18 Roman miles (26,6km) away from Viminacium what made it easy for Felix Kanitz around Gradac, with discernible remains of the partially preserved fort.

During 1984, the Regional Insitute for the Smederevo Monuments of Culture Protection carried out systematic archaeological excavations in one part of the locality. The research results have shown that the fort was founded at the end of I century AD, and it reached its greatest prosperity in III and IV century. An antique bath – thermae and fragments of the necropolis, the rampart and the road were researched.

The fort’s dimensions were 250 х 150m, with 2m thick ramparts, while the other object were of smaller dimensions. Stone and a small quantity of brick were used for its building and lime mortar as a binder.

To the southeast of the fort there used to be an old necropolis with the buried that were incinerated, while in the north a necropolis with buried skeletons was discovered.

During the Huns invasion at the end of IV century the fort was demolished and never restored again.