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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Смедеревска Паланка
1kuca pere todorovica u vodicama

Pera Todorović (1852-1907) a journalist and a politician, was one of the founders of modern Serbian journalism and together with Nikola Pašić, he was one of the founders of National Radical Party in  1881. Besides being an ideologist and the party coordinator, he was also the head journalist of the party bulletin “Self - government” and later he was the owner and journalist of daily gazette “Small newspapers” for a long time.

Pera Todorović came from a wealthy family from Vodice, a village near Smederevska Palanka. His birth house is located in the village center vicinity. It was built on a yard slope which was used to form a cellar underneath one part of the house. It is of a rectangular base with a set-in entrance to the cellar. The ground floor is spatially divided into a “house”, a guest room, three bedrooms and a pantry. Besides the representative guest room, there is a typical bricked furnace in the ground floor which simultaneously heated all the rooms and was used as a fireplace in the “house”. The walls were of half – timbered construction with a brick composite, set on the brick foundations. The house roof is complex, covered with reclaimed roof tiles.

By its surface and interior functional organization the birth house of Pera Todorović belongs to a develped type of a wealthy family village house from the mid XIX century. 

Recently the house was destroyed.