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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Жабари
Rodna kuca vojislava dfsilica   mladjeg (1) 1387400830

Vojislav Ilić Senior (1877-1944) was one of the most famous and frequently read Serbian poets in the period between the two World Wars. He wrote patriotic, religious and love poetry, and his wide famous verses are engraved on a chapel of a Serbian military cemetery in Zeitinlik in Thessaloniki. He was the son of Oreovica archpriest, a later church priest in Saint Marco church in Belgrade and a court priest of both Serbian dynasties.  He finished Law graduating from College in 1903 and was working in the Ministry of Justice in Belgrade.

The birth house of Vojislav Ilić Senior was located in the main street in Oreovica and by type it belonged to a transitional type between popular architecture and civil houses. It was built on a slightly sloped terrain and it had elevated ground floor towards the yard and a cellar formed under one part of the building. The house could be approached from two – sided staircase in the yard. The interior was in accordance with the then contemporary needs of a wealthy large family, so that the entrance hall directly leads to a separate room – kitchen and three rooms mutually connected. The house dimensions were 11х8m. It was built in half – timbered construction with a four – sloped roof and covered with reclaimed roof tile.

The house owner approved the birth house of Vojislav Ilić Senior of being the monument of culture in 1981 under the condition of its purchase and relocation from the yard; since this did not happen, he brought the house down in the 90s.