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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Пожаревац
Saborna crkva  u pozarevcu (1) 1386873223
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Saint Archangels Congregational Temple in Požarevac was built in 1819 by Knez Miloš Obrenović in a part of town called Gornja Mala. The Church was originally dedicated to the Descent of the Holy Spirit, or Holy Trinity, but in the mid-thirties of the nineteenth century there was a change in dedication of the temple.

Congregational Church in Požarevac is one of the most important examples of transitional style in architecture of restored Serbia. Triconchal in plan with an altar and two conchal choirs which has polygonal shape outside and round shape inside. In terms of space it is divided in three areas, altar area, a nave and narthex. It is built of stone and brick and plastered outside. The bell tower was subsequently built next to the west side of the Church in 1856. Architectural decoration in the form of pitch garland and shallow pilasters is present only on the bell tower. Massive western portal was built of hewn stone in 1936 and richly decorated in Serbian Byzantine style. The lunette above the door shows the Hospitality of Abraham composition.

Fresco – painting by Milija and Ivan Marković began in 1852, but the work on iconostasis was continued by Nikola Marković in 1870. The iconostasis with twenty-five icons is richly carved and gilded. Along the south nave wall the Archpriest and the Imperial throne were located with painted figures of St. Sava and St. Stefan Dečanski.  Along the north nave wall there is the Virgin's throne with a painted representation of the Virgin and the Christ. The church has a collection of fourteen kiss – in – honor icons painted by Janja Moler with tempera on panel, which represent valuable Zographense unit from the first half of the nineteenth century. The church keeps a large number of applied art objects, including valuable examples of church embroidery, art and handicraft goldsmiths work, liturgical books and furniture.