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Significant place Great importance Пожаревац
Spomen park cacalica (1) 1386873415
Spomen park cacalica (2) 1386873417 Spomen park cacalica (3) 1386873419 Spomen park cacalica (4) 1386873421

In a part of Požarevac City called Varoško Brdo a memorial complex was formed, dedicated to the victims of the Second World War and to anti fascistic struggle. There are three monuments and several commemorative plaques in the park on the area of 24 ha.

Monument to the executed patriots 1941-1944

Memorial park Čačalica was formed on a hill where three thousand people were shot between 1941 and 1944. Originally in 1944 one big and eight smaller crosses were placed here, and after that different memorials to the victims of the German occupation were placed repeatedly. In the memory of those victims in 1962 the monument, authored by architect Bratislav Stojanović from Belgrade and sculptor Stanislav Mićić from Zagreb, was unveiled.

The Ossuary memorial to Red Army fallen soldiers in 1944

The Ossuary memorial in which 441 Red Army soldiers were buried was unveiled in 1962. Bratislav Stojanović did the project for the Ossuary. The bodies of Red Army soldiers fallen in 1944 on the territory from Rudna Glava to Mladenovac were transferred to the Ossuary. Symbolically 441 White Birches were brought from Moscow, Russia and planted here in 1967.

Monument of freedom and victory over fascism "Star"

Third monument in this memorial park was built in 1985 in honor of victory over fascism. The author of “Star” monument was sculptor Milorad Tepavac.

Regional Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Smederevo during 2011 has performed the complete refurbishment of the Monument to the executed Patriots and Red Army memorial Ossuary.