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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Петровац
Mehana tasica u petrovcu (1) 1388783293
Mehana tasica u petrovcu (2) 1388783296 Situacioni plan 1388783303 Najstariji sacuvani plan mehane tasica iz 1868 godina 1395832955

In the verycenter of Petrovac na Mlavi, on he crossroads of the road connections legacy, roads that lead towards Požarevac and Žabari, there is one of the oldest preserved  objects in the Mlava region – the Old tavern Tasić, located on the corner of today’s streets 8.oktobra and Srpskih Vladara.

By a project of a famous architect of the time František Zeleni, a Požarevac county engineer and his assistant, “podindžilir” Pavle Đorđević in 1868, this tavern Tasić was constructed. In its original form this object had a complex base designed in a shape of Latin letter “L” with street wings of the same dimensions. Later, upon finishing the construction another part was additionally built next to its east wing; it had a residential purpose and rounded up the entire architectural corps of the object and finalized its final shape. Regarding spatial disposition which resulted from the urban matrix – the position and shape of the land parcel – the building street facade follows the two streets regulation line directions and it rests on their crossroads. It consists of a cellar which is designed only under one part of the object, the ground floor and attic and in accordance with the terrain configuration. The carrying structure of the object is designed in a massive construction system with foundations and walls made of old form brick and mortar. The roof construction is wooden, the roof is of a complex base and the roof planes are gently sloped. During time, the original roof cover was replaced with clad with rebated tiles.

In their original form the facades were rather regular in order and vertically separated into façade fields with pilasters; within the fields there were façade holes – door and windows – homogenous in sense of art and form. The building has not kept typical and stylistically clear features regarding the architectural geometry and artistic facades; they have almost completely vanished due to numerous interventions on the object during past periods. Extensive adaptation and extension of the object have been made and to a certain extent the disposition and façade holes dimensions have been altered; the original carpentry was replaced with new one, made of modern materials. Despite the changes made recently and without which the object revitalization to the extent reached today would not be feasible, tavern Tasić has preserved its original architectural – urbanistic values. 

The history of this object highlights the data that famous and historically important persons of the past used to visit the place; among them was a famous painter and poet Đura Jakšić. According to the legend by the old Petrovac locals, Đura painted several portraits of Kosovo heroes during one his visits there. This wall painting is said to have been preserved to this day owing to additionally designed and recently applied wall coverings.