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Medieval necropolis in the village Trnjane is located in the east, slightly elevated peripheral part of the village placed on the right bank of the lower course of the river Mlava. The entire area surrounding this archeological site is called the Old Cemetery and was intermittently used for burials from the Bronze Age to the present day. The settlement position nowadays does not express its former importance, as it was once located on an important road route which led from Viminacium to Constantinople.

Numerous random findings, mostly jewelry, as well as great threat to the site due to the destruction of graves during the field work and in much greater extent land use for baking bricks, were the reason for the National Museum in Belgrade to conduct extensive archaeological excavations that were carried out during the period since 1976 to 1978. The research involved three hundred and seventy-nine grave units, five of which were Bronze Age urns while in the others medieval buried skeletons were found. Unfortunately, more than half of the necropolis was completely destroyed even before the research.

Based on archaeological material presented in hundred and thirty-six excavated graves which besides mostly jewelry also included nine copies of money the Trnjane necropolis dates back to the period of XI-XII century. Traces of a settlement dating the same time whose inhabitants were buried in the necropolis were never discovered.

Medieval necropolis Trnjane represents an important testimony of life, historical trends, intertwining influence of Byzantium and local traditions in the Middle Ages located in Podunavlje and Eastern Serbia.