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Todiceva crkva u kostolcu (1) 1386875264
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The Church of St. George in Kostolac is an endowment of ship-owner Dragutin V. Todić and his wife Leposava. It was built in 1924 designed by the architect Pera Popović and modeled according to the Lazarica Church the foundation of Despot Stefan Lazarević. It is situated on an elevated plateau known by the name of Mali Grad, an area with a long continuity from the Neolithic through antiquity to the Middle Ages.

Todić’s Church is a single – nave building with triconchal base of a simple type, with an octagonal dome on the square pedestal and bell-tower above the western part. Spatially the temple is divided into an altar, a nave and narthex with a choir and a bell tower above it. The facades of the church are very rich in architectural and decorative plastic with a characteristic motif of Byzantine interlace. Decorative plastic is centered around the windows on the facades, domes and bell tower, as well as below the roof garland. The facades are articulated horizontally with two strong cordon garlands. Below the roof garland there is a frieze with floral motifs and elaborately decorated archivolt placed in the rosette.

Saint George Church is richly equipped with frescoes, iconography, vitrage, movables, bells and valuable liturgical objects and books. Frescoes are painted by Andreja Bicenko, while icons on the altar rail and dome painting are done by Milutin Mihailović. Besides that there are three mobile icons painted by Uroš Predić, and as a rare painting technique applied in the Serbian temples vitrage windows made ​​in France can be found here. On the north wall of the Church there is a composition of patrons couple Todić with the model of the church and in the southern part of the narthex the white marble sarcophagus with the body of the founder and benefactor of Dragutin V. Todić is placed. In the Church yard there is the residence of Captain Todić from 1923 and the memorial Ossuary to the defenders of Kostolac between 1914 and 1915.