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Villa Mitinac is located in Plavinac, on a slope above the right riverside of the Danube, along the road to Belgrade. It was built in 1900 by a Smederevo merchant Dimitrije – Mita Stefanović a family weekend house in natural surroundings of vineyards and orchards.

AS the villa is built on the slope, one part of its ground floor is dug in. Rectangularly shaped, it has a ground a an upper floor. It has gone through several changes but without crucial alterations in the appearance. In 1925. A huge wooden porch was added to its east wall, as well s one smaller residential wing by its north wall. On the ground floor there are hall, kitchen, bathroom and living roomд, and upstairs there are salon, a bigger bedroom and three smaller rooms. The main façade is symmetrical. So the ground floor and central part have the entrance porch with a huge archway; on both sides of the entrance there is one arched window. Upstairs there are three double doors with accented arched endings and a balcony with wrought iron fence.

The variety of decorative architectural elements, especially color nuanced façade decoration in plaster with wooden elements on the roof garland and a porch modeled by Swiss villas distinguish it from other weekend houses in this area. A possible model for the villa was a summer house of King Aleksandar Obrenović, not far away from this object.