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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Кучево
1 vodenica misica 1388000117
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Mišic Mill is located not far away from the Kučevo center and represents one of the rarest mills located in an urban town structure. It was built in the first half of XIX century and is completely preserved. The Pek water is used for the work of the mill and is flowing through a 2,00km long canal.

The mill is a ground floor building with foundations shaped as a Cyrillic letter “G”, 12,25 x 8,90m dimensions. The foundations are made of crushed stone in the part outside the canal, while the part of the mill above the canal is reclining on wooden pillars. The mill interior is divided into a mill and miller dwelling. The mill’s walls are made of oak planks arrayed and stuck in vertical oak pillars while the miller’s dwelling walls are made in half – timbered construction with oak joists composite plastered from both inside and outside and whitewashed. The mill floor above the canal is made of boards set over “potpasnica”, while in the other part the floor is made of impregnated soil. The complex roof is covered with tile.

Not far away from the mill there is a mill dam with five openings through which water flows into grooves and then falls onto winches pedals moving millstones. In the mill there are five millstones set in line by the east wall, each working individually with its own mechanism.