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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Мало Црниће
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The Monument of Culture (1997)

In Crljenac village area towards Selište there is a mill popularly known as “Josa’s mill”. It was built at the end of XIX century and it uses the water from the Vitovnica River in order to work. The river is directed with a mill gap to the dam. It is of a rectangular base, 15x5,2m dimensions. The foundations are built of stone in drywall, аnd are layered with oak joist beam. The walls are in half – timbered construction wit oak planks composite; the planks are stuck in pillars and enforced with strut beams.  The mill is covered with mud mortar and whitewashed from the outside. The four – sloped roof is covered with tile.

The interior is divided in two parts – the mill and the mill room. There are three millstones set in a line and are working by the waterwheel principle.

In the mill vicinity there is area Glavica, famous for random archaeological findings and an old cemetery with numerous preserved old tombstones.