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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Петровац
1vodenica djordja trifunovica (1) 1388783920
2vodenica djordja trifunovica (2) 1388783922

Upon the Melnica River, by the road towards the Branička River and about 800m away from the village center there is Đorđe Trifunović’s Mill. It was built in the first half of XIX century, and its first owner was Paulj Matejić, a famous duke from the First Serbian Insurrection, widely known especially after the Čegar battle in 1809.

This is a storey mill with rectangular base, 8.30 x 5.80m dimensions. The foundations are made of unprocessed stone, the ground floor and upper floor walls are massively constructed and built of red brick sandstone of 0.65m thickness. A four – sloped roof is covered with tile.

The mill building has a ground and upper floor. In the ground floor there is a mill with two millstones and a room for a miller. The upper floor which the owner used for dwelling consisted of two rooms, a so called “house” with a fireplace and a room.

This example of having both a mill and a house in one place in this part of Serbia is a unique example.

Until recently, owing to its well constructed massive system, the mill was relatively well – preserved, but the roof has slid and now it is quickly deteriorating.