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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Кучево
Vodenica u turiji 1388000380

In the area called “Deonica” not far away from the center there is a mill of Djordjević Vitomir. It has been located here since the mid XIX century. It is known in the village as “Trujačka mill” by the name of the Trujić family which owned it for a long time. It used the Dajša water to work, whose confluence into the Pek is not far away from the mill.

The mill is a ground floor building with rectangular foundations, 9,40 x 4,00m dimensions. The mill interior is divided into a mill and miller dwelling. The mill’s walls are made in half – timbered construction with a fir – board composite, while the miller’s dwelling walls are made from old form bricks. The mill floor is made of boars set over “potpasnica”, while in the miller’s dwelling it is made of impregnated soil. Both the inside and outside wall surface in the miller’s dwelling is plastered and whitewashed. The roof is four – sloped and covered with reclaimed roof tile. In the mill there are two millstones working by the principle of vertical water wheel.

The mill was fully renovated in 1934 and its contemporary appearance dates from that period.  Present owner and associates have not used the mill for a longer period of time, so the canal is mudded,and the mill is overgrown in weeds.