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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Велико Градиште
Vodenica vojislava stefanovica (1) 1388753658
Vodenica vojislava stefanovica (2) 1388753661 Vodenica vojislava stefanovica (3) 1388753665 Vodenica vojislava stefanovica (4) 1388753667 Vodenica vojislava stefanovica (5) 1388753669

Vojislav Stefanović’s mill is located upon Pek River in the village Kusići area called Donje vrbe. It was built at the beginning of XX century on the remains of an old mill. It acquired the current form by thorough repairs in 1934 when two out of six stones were removed and a side room was additionally built.

The base is shaped as Cyrillic letter ”G” and of larger dimensions 17.10 x 5.00m with a side part of 4.00 х 8.00m. The object consists of a mill, a hall, grain – miller’s room, miller’s room and an auxiliary room with the fifth stone. The foundations are made of crushed stone, except the part above the mill gap with wooden joists set on the plunged pillars. The pillars are plunged in three rows, stuck in architrave joists with their upper part; the main joint connections between them are iron cramps. The walls are made of brick, except for the mill where they are made of oak planks. The roof is complex and covered with reclaimed tiles.

The Pek river water conducted through a mill stream helps the mill work. There are four millstones in the mill, set in a line, each working separately with its own mechanism designed in the national traditional style with many characteristic elements and details.

The mill is currently abandoned and is gradually deteriorating.