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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Пожаревац
Zgrada episkopskog dvora u pozarevcu (1) 1386871897
Zgrada episkopskog dvora u pozarevcu (2) 1386871899 Zgrada episkopskog dvora u pozarevcu (3) 1386871901 Zgrada episkopskog dvora u pozarevcu (4) 1386871903 Zgrada episkopskog dvora u pozarevcu (5) 1386871906

The Episcopal Court Building was constructed in 1882 in Church downtown “čaršija and its forming began when Knez Miloš started building Saint Archangels Congregational Church in 1819. It is located in Hajduk Veljkova street at a historically inherited regulation line located on a church port land parcel rim. The Court building is of balanced proportions and with representative architectural and artistic treatment; it was designed by a project of the then municipality engineer and later  - a statesman - Nikola Pašić. Compositional building design is entirely based on a classic principle of full symmetry application. With its main facade the building is turned to the church port. In a sense of art and  form, it is designed in Classicist style with neo – Rennaiscance elements. Its architecture features balanced masses, calm and harmonious proportions and regular rhythm and order. Architecturally, the central main façade area is accentuated with unique design and a dominating architectural motif of the main entrance above which there is a balcony. Horizontally, side façade masses are split with accentuated pitch garlands. In a sense of art and  form, the yard and street façade are divided into one primary and two secondary fields with plaster imitation of deep grouted stone cuboids. Profiling is accentuated on the building corners by simulation of stone cuboids masonry.

In the 30s of XX century, and according to the project of a renowned Serbian architect Momir Korunović, a New Episcopal Court construction started in the port. A colossal dimensions storey building, strong cubes and somewhat heavy masses were designed in the Serbian – Byzantine style. The architect based the building composition on the full symmetry principle with a complex base in the shape of Cyrillic “E” letter. Finished only before the beginning of the Second World War, New Court has never been put to its service. Today it is used for garrison Command. In the last decade of ХХ century, a third Episcopal court in Požarevac was also built on the same land parcel.