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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Смедеревска Паланка
Zgrada gimnazije u s palanci
Zgrada gimnazije u s palanci (2) 1386179015 Zgrada gimnazije u s palanci (3) 1386179016

In place of the old Grammar school, this day's Grammar school building was constructed between 1928 and 1929 owing to in - charity donations добротворним прилозима of citizens. This object is of monumental proportions and a complex base, large horizonat dimensions and representative shapes and architecture. It is designed in a massive construction system with brick and mortar bearing walls. It consists of a cellar, ground floor, upper floor and attic space. The mezzanine constructions are made of reinforced concrete, except for the wooden construction between the upper floor and an attic space. The roof has a complex base, the roof construction is wooden, roof plane slopes are regular and relatively gentle with overhanging eaves. Reclaimed roof tiles are used for the roof cover.

Grammar school building is designed in accordance with functional - organizational scheme principles of forming school buildings of that time. The impression of overall monumentalism and refined representativeness with a certain dose of strictness in form is particularly achieved  with the street facade. The main architectural building dominant is the accentuated avant – corps with the main entrance above which there is a special architectural motif – a balcony on square cross – section pillars. Consistent application of the Rennaiscance full symmetry principle is completely fulfilled when it comes to geometry and rhythm actualization, both with shapes and forms as well as with alternations of fullness and emptiness. Neo – Rennaiscance nature of this edifice is reflected in a modest rustic ground floor construction, central avant – corps with staircase and a balcony, all of which emphasize the main building entrance, and to a certain extent – in the floor design, which corresponds to “piano Nobile” form.

For a while, Grammar school bore a name of a national hero Sveta Đorđević; therefore, his memorial bust is erected in the green area in front of the building.