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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Смедерево
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A great benefactor of Smederevo Dimities Dina Mančić (1827-1882) bequeathed in his will a part of his property together with an inn called “Markićeva“ in order to build Smederevo Grammar School. According to the blueprints of a renowned architect Milorad Ruvidić, Grammar school was built in lieu of the former inn.  A European erudite, noble and elegant, Ruvidić designs the object in accordance with nature of his own spirit. The construction required by the will implied an engraving to be placed onto the building with the words “this Grammar School was built by Dina himself, in memory of him and his wife Ljubica”. This engraving has never been placed on the building.  

Originally designed and constructed in the form of storey object with congruent and elegant proportions (with emphasized corner avant-corps), it was conceptually based on consistent application of a full symmetry renaissance principle and rustically shaped ground floor above which there was an lavishly decorated upper floor with trailed and molded plastic designed in the spirit of Classicism (with a slight influence of Secession). To this very day, only an aisle in Save Nemanjića Street has been preserved.  During the upgrade of huge proportions carried out from 1934 to 1935, both the construction of an additional aisle, a massive central avant-corps with a main entrance and the Auditorium on the upper floor and together with it – the introduction of a new, main symmetry axis essentially altered the building’s original functional concept. The heavy avant-corps in a Neo-classicistic style with accented pillars and pseudo – baroque attic decorated with a male and female figure in a semi-lying position, designed in an Antique style, has become a central architectural dominant of the building. The Academism principle application is reflected in consistent application of a strict rhythm and regular alternation of fullness and emptiness to the entire object.