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Prva smederevska kreditna banka (2) 1383152091
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After the Belgrade Credit Bureau and the First Bank of Serbia, The First Credit Bank of Smederevo was founded in 1871. Having in mind that Smederevo of that time was a border town where trading business was flourishing between Serbia and mostly Austria – Hungary, the founding of money Bureau had its purpose to enable economy transactions as efficient as possible. The bank was founded upon the agreement reached at the Saint Day celebration in the Rašić Family in 1870,  among the most notable merchants of Smederevo, big business representatives and the then emerging bourgeoisie. The first president of the Temporary Bank committee was a merchant Mata Popović, a deputation member, which returned Miloš Obrenović in 1858 to Serbia, and a vice-president was Dina Mančić, a merchant, later a benefactor of the town Smederevo. Together with them, the founders were: Janaćije Konstantinović, the owner of the first mill in Smederevo and a latter member of Parliament, and municipality president Georgije Nuša, Jovan Špartelj, Jefrem Marić, Stojan Rašić, innkeeper Anastas Tomić-Kalkarelja, member of Parliament and municipality president Gavrilo Čupić, attorney Mihajlo Stojkovac, Djordje Pavlović and Tasa Stojanović.

By the project of engineers Jovan Banić and Dimitrije Milošević, the building of the First Smederevo Credit bank was constructed in the main street which lead from the central town square to the port in the period from 1903 to 1904. Outstanding and colossal, built in the style of eclecticism from the beginning of XX century and with its architecture based on Renaissance principles of full symmetry – this building is a stylisticaly valuable work of art. The object has a complex structure base - T shaped. It consists of a cellar, elevated ground floor and an attic. The main street façade of slightly heavier forms, good proportions with an accent on the central part, was designed in the neo - renaissance style, with an influence of neo - baroque. The richness and nobility of decorative plastic on the central avant-corps  were the most prominent.  In the interior, the vestibule and the entrance staircase were once richly designed.

A reputation, economic power and business power of the First Smederevo Credit Bank evidenced by the fact that it had a branch in one of the most monumental buildings of old Belgrade, Palace, Milan M. Stefanovic Terazije No.39. This representative building of luxurious architecture and high artistic value, built 1910-1912.godine, retains the name Smederevska Banka at Terazije till today.