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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Смедеревска Паланка
Zgrada prve zemljoradnicke zadruge u azanji
Zgrada prve zemljoradnicke zadruge u azanji (2) 1386179620 Zgrada prve zemljoradnicke zadruge u azanji (3) 1386179623

The agricultural cooperative in Azanja was founded in 1894, as the second cooperative in Serbia. For the needs of its operation the agriculture cooperative building was constructed in Azanja center in the period between 1920 and 1927. A part of this object which today represents its ground floor was built in the first phase; in 1927, in the second phase, another floor with an attic was built. The literature cites an architect Branislav M. Popović as a designer of this building.

The object has a complex base designed in the shape of latin “L“ letter. With its street facades, the building follows the directions of the regulation lines of the two streets at which crossrroads it rests. It consists of a cellar constructed under the southwest part of the building, ground floor, upper floor and an attic. The building is designed in a mixed construction system and founded on the stone built foundations. The cellar and ground floor are designed in a massive construction system with bearing brick and mortar walls. Constructed in the second phase of construction, the upper floor is designed in half – timbered construction system with brick composite and wooden joists, visible on the facades. The mezzanine and roof construction are made of wood. The roof base is complex with slight roof plane slopes and overhanging eaves. The roof is covered with reclaimed roof tiles.

The building facades are designed differently and according to the floor. The ground floor is plastered, while the profiling is designed with in brick and is focused around the windows and doors. The ground floor with two pilasters is equally divided into a central part with an entrance, and side parts, each with a window. The upper floor is separated from the ground floor with a pitch garland and is entirely designed in half – timber with a yellow façade rick composite. The artistry is accentuated with a “belvedere” centered in the roof.