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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Велика Плана
Zgrada stare klanice u v plani (1) 1385143184
Zgrada stare klanice u v plani (2) 1385143186

The old abattoir belongs to a former complex of agricultural and industrial facilities, built by German industrials, Christian Scheuss and Wilhelm Schumacher between 1886 and 1928 in Velika Plana. The project, according to which the Old abattoir was constructed, was performed by "Engineering – technical bureau of Stojan Veljković and Otto Lorenz“.

This object had an economic and industrial purpose and was designed in a mixed construction system with high capacity strip foundations made of brick and concrete.  Massive constructive walls were designed with brick and mortar. Carrying poles, spiral staircase in the tower and mezzanine construction were designed with reinforced concrete.

The old abattoir building has a jagged coast long basis “L” shaped and a tower with an oval cross-section; the tower was created at the junction of the two object wings. Structurally, the building consists of a cellar, ground floor, floor and an attic. The roof has a complex form; the roof construction is wooden and is covered with tile. The interior of the object shows that all floors are connected vertically – by a freight elevator and staircase. The facades, as well as the moldings, have never been plastered and were designed with brick in “natur treatment”. In artistic and formal concepts, a slender silhouette of the tower with an almost full oval cross-section with an octagonal pyramided roof is a dominating element in the formation of entire architectural corps building.

This object of colossal dimensions in the time of construction, well proportioned,  of a unique form and proper rhythm, façade treatment techniques and applied aesthetics represents an exceptionally valuable example of industrial architecture in Serbia at the beginning of XX  century.