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Zgrada stare mehane miroslava zivotica u orljevu 1388784316

The Old tavern Building of Miroslav Životić in Orljevo was built in the mid XIX century. It is located in the very village center by the main village road.

It was designed as a ground floor object with a ditched cellar in the south and a porch in the west façade. By its size and functional spatial organization, it belongs to a rich type of commercial – residential building.  The rectangular base is of 19,70 Х 13,35m dimensions is built in half- timbered construction with “chatam” composite. The four – sloped roof is covered with tile. The west, street façade features with an open, set – back porch with pseudo Morava arches. The porch ceiling is made of “shashovac”, and the floor is made of impregnated soil. During time, the tavern underwent certain corrections. All outside carrying walls were brought down in 1947, walled up with baked brick and mortar, covered with mud and whitewashed.

Spatially it is divided into three units by Serbian three – part house design. Singling out of these units is highlighted with long halls which separate the object along the entire width and functionally they separate the main central part where an inn, a kitchen and pantry are located from the others of the following purposes: a bakery and a bedroom in the north and innkeeper’s dwelling and a room above the cellar entrance in the south. In the room where the inn used to be there was a bricked closed hearth “fireplace”. The old inn inventory was almost all lost. The tavern worked till the Second World War, and then a grinding mill was set in a part of it, where the other was turned into a shop. Today the object is in a very bad condition, neglected and ruined.