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The Monument of Culture Great importance Смедерево
Zgrada starog nacelstva   sud u smederevu 1383159775
Zgrada starog nacelstva   sud u smederevu (1) 1383159776 Zgrada starog nacelstva   sud u smederevu (2) 1383159777 Zgrada starog nacelstva   sud u smederevu (3) 1383159779 Zgrada starog nacelstva   sud u smederevu (4) 1383159780

In the location where previously the old building of Ispravničenstvo, had been situated, an edifice of contemporary District Court in Smederevo was erected in the period between 1886 and 1888.  This object was designed according to the project of one of the most significant architects in Serbia of 19th century – Aleksandar Bugarski, who was also the designer of the building of National Theatre and King’s castle in Belgrade.

Aleksandar Bugarski had an exquisite talent and education; he was a member of Serbian scholarly society of that time and was attached to renaissance balance and harmony of proportions; he possessed refined feeling for overall harmony, reflected both in the choice and application of stylistic elements and in objects proportion defining, as well as their blending into an ambient that surrounds them; And for all these reasons Aleksandar Bugarski designs The County Administration Building in Smederevo, one of the most beautiful buildings of the kind in Serbia. This Building represents the first profane edifice of colossal proportions not only in Smederevo, but in the Serbia countryside as well.

The original architectural concept of the object is based on a consistent application of a classical renaissance complete symmetry principle.  The object has a complex base - E letter shaped. In their complete surface area, side wings of the edifice consist of ground and upper floor.  Unlike these, the centrally formed avant-corps, presenting the dominant architectural trait of the object, has an additional floor;  Above it, there is an attic - well-proportioned, classicistic shaped with an elegant aedicula  originally showing a huge Coat of Arms of then newly established Kingdom of Serbia. After the Second World War this Coat of Arms was removed and a five – pointed star placed instead but in 2005 replaced with a two – headed eagle.

The facades of the object are lavishly decorated and are a perfect fit to its purpose. The ground floor is of rustic shape and designed in the style of neo – renaissance. Stylistic floor processing is determined with elegantly designed classicistic work of primary and secondary decorative plastic and façade rhythm of fullness and emptiness applied in a shapely order of strict academism. 

The interior of the object is reflected through a metal pillar with a purpose of a constructive element.  Before appearing as such in the Old County building, it had been used in the Serbian architecture of a new century for the first time by Aleksandar Bugarski who constructed a chapel of Dina Mančić in the Old Cemetery of Smederevo.  .