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The Monument of Culture Uncategorized Велико Градиште
Zgrada so u velikom gradistu (1) 1388753939
Zgrada so u velikom gradistu (2) 1388753942 Zgrada so u velikom gradistu (3) 1388753945 Zgrada so u velikom gradistu (4) 1388753947

In the west rim of an area once probably within antique Pincum, near the Danube river bank, around 1892 an Old District Office was built at the then Grain square and according to a project of Milorad Ruvidić - one of the greatest Serbian architects at the end of XIX and beginning of XX century. The post office and the telegraph were located within the same object.

The building has a complex base which follows the regulation lines directions of the Square, Miroslav Tirša Street and Sarajevska Street. The basic architectural conception of the object lies on Rennaiscance principle of full symmetry application in relation to the axis of the object’s main entrance angular solution. Street – side tracts of the building consist of groud and upper floor by their entire length with particularly accentuated oval angular breaks and slender domes designed above them. Unlike them, the central avant – corps which represents the main architectural dominant of the object is designed in a shape of a tower with octagonal cross- section. Comparing it to the side tracts, this tower has an additional floor above which there is a designed dome of heavier proportions and in a form of an octagonal truncated pyramid.

Fine arts of all street facades decorated elegantly and richly, rely on academically regular order unbroken array of pilaster strips which under the roof garland are completed with huge decorative plastic designed in Secession style. Between the pilaster strips there are façade fields divided horizontally with appeal parapet plastic in a form of stylistic festoons with Secession motifs. Unlike the upper floor where the decorative plastic around façade holes preserved the simple Classicist style, the plastic on the ground floor of the object acquired almost completely simple forms, very close to Secession style.

Within the entire fund of architectural heritage on the territory of Veliko Gradište municipality, the District Office building is one of the most valuable examples of profane architecture whose representative fine arts completely match the purpose of the object. In accordance with such evaluation the Old District Office building has recently acquired new appearance when extensive conservation – restoration works were undertaken on the building facades.